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Jam Sessions Coming Soon!
Events are happening, stay tuned as we will be starting jam sessions soon.

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What goes on at a jam session?
At our jam sessions, ukulele players get together to play songs. It's a great place for learning new songs, building skill with strumming and chords, and meeting other people who play the ukulele. At jam sessions you can pick songs to play, or you can just play along to the songs others pick. You can also perform a song an a non threatning atmosphere. At our jam sessions we use the book "The Daily Ukulele." This book is available at a number of places on line. We have extra copies of the book to borrow. In addition, you can bring a song that is not in the book, just bring about 10-15 copies so that others can play your song. Jam sessions are a lot of fun! Join us!

Jam Etiquette:
1.    Tune your ukulele often.
2.    Don't noodle or talk when it's not your turn.
3.    Whoever picks the song gets to pick the tempo.
3.    Be conscious of how loud you are compared to others.
4.    If someone is soloing, let that person be heard.

Tips to picking a good song to play:
1.    Pick songs that you know (especially with hard songs)
2.    Be wary of songs with extra verses with no chord symbols
3.   If you don't know how to lead a song, pick someone to lead it.
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