Ukuleles for Sale
Scratch & Dent
Harmony look-a-like ukulele with soft case $30
Red Ukulele- Hola Soprano-$44.00-with black gigbag-$49.00
(also avaliable in blue)
Pink/Purple Ukulele-Stagg Soprano with pink or black case-$45.00
Brown Zebra Wood Ukulele-Carmel Concert w/black gig bag-$59.00
​Carmel Mahogany Soprano (Butterfly cut-away) with soft case $49.00
Brown Zebra Wood Soprano Ukulele-w/ black soft case $49.00 Electric-$65.00
Utah sales subject to sales tax

Why buy from me?
It iis true that you can buy these ukuleles from other sites on line. However, when you buy a ukulele from me you also get a ukulele that 
is playable. I set up the ukuleles so that the strings are the right height. That's not always true when you buy from other sites. When you buy one online you never know what you are getting. Finally, if you a ukulele from me it is guaranteed from breakage caused by faulty workmanship.
Steven Butler