The Utah Ukulele Association 
was founded by Steven Butler. 
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Left: James Hill and Steve Butler
Photo © Steve Butler, 2015

My Top Ten Ukulele Artists:                                                                         Solo                                    Duos & Combos                     
1.    James Hill                            1. Uk. Orchestra of GB
2.    Jake Shimabukuro               2. Bird Watchers
3.    Andy Eastwood                    3. Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel
4.    Daniel Ward                          4. Aaron & Nicole Keim
5.    Del Rey                                 5. The Smoking Jackets
6.    Victoria Vox
7.    Dani Joy
8.    Lil' Rev
9.    Steven Espanola
10.  Kevin Carroll

Note: My ratings take singing into consideration 
My list changes from time to time. Email me and let me know how your list would differ from mine.